Saturday, March 14, 2009

The first of many...

So here is the first step in my newest goal of updating my blog weekly. This one is kinda long, from here on out they should be a little smaller.

We have had some interesting things happen over the last few weeks. Brandon has discovered how to undress himself, especially when he gets put in his bed for being naughty. This is how we found him the other night.
Brandon had his friend Chesni over one Saturday for a play date. They had lots of fun together and ended up on our bed to watch Cars and eat popcorn.

Justin has really started to get big, one of his favorite activities is jumping in his jumperoo. Mommy especially likes this around dinner time, it allows her to get everything she needs to get done without having to entertain.
Justin is also attempting to crawl. He is able to get up on his hands and knees and rock but hasn't been able to quite figure it out yet. He has no problem scooting backwards and in circles but moving forward seems to be a challenge.

Brandon and mommy took a quick trip to the grocery store because we were craving doughnuts, as you can see we had lots of fun eating them.
Brandon took a nasty spill this week too. While running around at Miss Stephanie's he wasn't paying attention and ran right into the corner of a counter. It knocked him completely to the ground and he had quite a goose egg to show. When I got there it was about the size of a golfball. Someday I hope he starts paying attention, he is the most accident prone kids I know.

We have quite the tooth brusher in the family, with only 2 teeth Justin just loves to brush his teeth. He also likes taking baths with his big brother, I can't tell you how much fun we have at bathtime.

Brandon and I decided that we had better get busy and use our new fireplace before winter is gone (we got snow on Thursday by the way). So Brandon helped me crumple the paper and get a rip roarin fire started that was wonderful!!

The week ended with a fort building session. Brandon made a "house" out of his table and blankets, this kept him entertained for about an hour!!

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  1. I still think Justin looks like his Grandpa Harris, and it isn't just the hairstyle either.